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Starting with 11.11.2010
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Useful Information for Speakers

Before the presentation:
Please register your information on the computers made available to you by the Organizers in the Conference Halls, with at least one hour prior to the actual beginning of your presentation.
In order to make sure that everything goes well and without any incidents, it’s highly advised for you to check again the information before the beginning of your presentation. If you are using MS PowerPoint for your presentation, you must bring the CD / DVD / memory stick and / or laptop in the Conference Hall in due time, in order to be sure of the compatibility and the good functioning of the presentation.
If you are not using Windows Standard Fonts it is recommendable to bring these Fonts in Windows version. Organizers recommend usage of Times New Roman and Century fonts, to avoid inaccurate display.
If your presentation contains movies, please check their compatibility with Windows Media Player (if the movie requires any special or rare decoders please provide them in the same file with your presentation). Presentations containing animations and videos could cause real problems if they are not properly checked before the session.
If you are using your own computer (laptop) make sure to bring your own power cord, video cord or any other cable you might normally need. Please also bring any type of connectors you might need at some particular types of laptops.
For a proper projection of the information please adjust your computer as follows: screen resolution 1024x768, no screen-saver and power option “always on”.
The Conference Hall’s technicians will be available in order to offer you assistance regarding your presentation and its preparation.
The information for your presentation copied on the laptop available in the Conference Hall will be deleted by the Organizers at the end of the Symposium.
During the presentation:
At the presentation Desk you will find your presentation already open (only if you have already transmitted the presentation to the Conference Hall technician). The information saved on the computer shall be processed by the Conference Hall’s technicians according to the instructions received from the session’s chairmen, announcing the abstracts.
You should operate the change of pages of your presentation on your own, either by using a portable device of PowerPoint presentations (you will be guided in order to easily use it), either by using the mouse and keyboard (where available). If you want one of the Conference Hall’s technicians to operate the page’s change you should let them know about your decision as well as about the right moment to change the slide, during the presentation.
The full cooperation of the speakers concerning the good development and progress of the oral communications will significantly increase the quality of the Symposium and will be highly appreciated.
In order to avoid the infecting of the computers with viruses please scan all presentation related material prior to the Symposium. We agree with and respect the personal aspect of the information contained by the presentations and we shall treat it as such. Please do not hesitate to ask the Organizers any question whatsoever.