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Starting with 11.11.2010
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Advanced Course on Video Capsule Endoscopy Registration

Course Program
  • Results of current studies with Colon capsule
  • Practical session on demo system  
  • Capsule Endoscopy and Inflamatory Bowel Disease             
  • Indications of Capsule Endoscopy and Enteroscopy in Inflamatory Bowel Disease                          
  • Obscure digestive bleeding and Iron deficieny anemia                                       
  • Small bowel tumors in patients undergoing Capsule Endoscopy
  • Small bowel tumors and Polyposis syndromes                 
  • Capsule Endoscopy and Coeliac disease
  • Special situations: Radiation Enteritis - Trap of Diagnosis               
  • Interpreting difficult cases  
Course Objectives
  • To provide un update on the latest clinical and technological developments
  • To improve Pillcam studies interpretation skills
  • To offer the opportunity to review and discuss difficult cases
  • CME accreditation applied for capsule endoscopy users

Registration Fee

Registration Fee
Doctors / Specialists
50 €

Registration to the  Advanced Course on Video Capsule Endoscopy can be done by filling in the Registration Form and sending it to the email address registration@stam2010.ro.
Each course has a limited number of participants. The registration is processed in the order in which the requests are received. Each person can only attend one of the three courses. An evaluation test will take place at the end of the courses.

The organizers will post on the website the updated list of registered participants to the Courses until all the places will be filled.
The registration will not be taken into consideration for the persons who:
- make the payment for the registration fee without transmitting the Course Registration Form
- complete the Course Registration Form, but do not make the payment for the registration fee
If a situation like this occurs, the Organizers will return the received taxes.

The Registration fee to the Course includes:
(1) Course’s materials (nominal badge, bag, Course Program); (2) Participation to the coffee breaks; (3) The Certificate of Attendance with CME credits issued by the Romanian College of Physicians.

Limited number of participants: 12

List of participants

1. Iacob Răzvan
2. Bucurica Sandica
3. Zota Marian
4. Gologan Șerban
5. Rimbaș Mihai
6. Marinescu Mădălina
7. Singeap Ana Maria
8. Ciobanu Lidia
9. Radasan Andreea
10. Copaci Ionel
11. Bălan Costică
12. Negreanu Lucian
13. Stoicescu Mihai
14. Calotă Ruxandra
15. Iacobescu Claudia
16. Baltog Georgia
17. Pop Cosmin Iuliu
18. Babiuc Ruxandra Doina
19. Teodorescu Horațiu
20. Grigoruț Simona

Advanced Course on Video Capsule Endoscopy Program